Thearaputic Programmes


In additional to individual therapy a range of therapeutic programmes are available in the hospital including Enhanced Thinking Skills, DBT, Anger Management, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Wellness and recovery programmes and relapse prevention. Those programmes will be discussed with each individual as part of your treatment and care plan.


As part of the ongoing preparation for recovery and discharge patients are actively encouraged to attend the various adult education opportunities within the hospital. The VEC offers courses in reading, writing computer skills, music and art. In addition there is access to the garden project Calypso and other recreational activities/.


There is an outpatient clinic and day service that provides a range of occupational and rehabilitative activities in the city centre for inpatients with the appropriate level of leave and patients who have progressed to living in the community.

Access to community adult education courses and other occupational and recreational activities is available for patients as part of their rehabilitation. Some patients have engaged in 3rd level university programmes.


A member of the multidisciplinary team will make contact with relatives or carers with the patient’s permission. They can be included in developing individuals care plans but only with the patient’s consent.