The Central Mental Hospital

The Central Mental Hospital is built on a 34 acre site, four miles from Dublin City centre and thus within easy access to courts and the main prisons.

The Central Mental Hospital accommodates circa one hundred patients. It provides treatment under conditions of special security for mentally disordered individuals who present with dangerous, violent or criminal propensities and patients who have exceeded the capacity of their local service. Intensive psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation is provided by five Consultant lead multi-disciplinary teams in a structured therapeutic environment.

The hospital is fully accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists for training purposes. It functions very much as a hospital which provides asylum for its patients, many who through one reason or another have lost contact with their own local psychiatric service.

Health Service Executive East Coast Area
National Forensic Psychiatric Service
Central Mental Hospital
Dundrum 14, Dublin,
Republic of Ireland

Telephone 353 1 2157400