Reviews of Detention


As recovery is the underpinning philosophy of the service, discharge planning is part of care and treatment. Some patients may return to prison or be transferred to another hospital. Some patient will be discharged to community facilities. The service aims to ensure that service users are discharged from the hospital in a safe and supported way that supports recovery and reduces risk of relapse. A supported step down community placement may be the most appropriate first step for most people on discharge.

A Community Rehabilitation and Recovery team provides community support for people discharged from the hospital. If people are discharged to another community service the treating team will endure that relevant information relating to your care and treatment is provided to the service.

Mental Health Review Board

All patients have access to an Independent review of their detention in hospital irrespective of which legislation they are admitted under. A solicitor will be appointed to act on the service users behalf Patients who are detained under the Criminal Law Insanity Act will have their detention reviewed at least every six months by the Mental Health Review Board. The Review Board now has the legal power to conditionally discharge patients in a legally enforceable manner.

Mental Health Review Tribunal

Patient’s detained under the Mental Health Act 2001 will have their detention reviewed by an Independent Mental Health Review Tribunal. All patients have access to free legal representation for the purpose of reviewing their detention. Patients are allowed access to their solicitor in confidence both by phone and letter. Staff will assist patients if they need help with this. This Act is currently being reviewed by government.