Patients Rights


The management and staff are committed to obtaining feedback from service users both through the resident’s forum and regular meetings with senior managers and the complaints procedure. If service users wish to complain regarding any aspect of their care, they may discuss the matter with any member of staff.

They can also write to the hospital manager who is also the local complaint’s manager. In addition service users can write to the Minister for Justice, the President of the High Court, the Registrar of Wards of Court or the Inspector of Mental Health Services.

There is a independent advocacy service provided by The Irish Advocacy Network and this is available to all patients. A resident’s forum meets regularly to discuss issues and has regular meetings with senior management The senior management team meets with patients on all units on a monthly basis to obtain comments from individual patients and groups.


The Approved Centre Regulations are statutory regulations issued by the Department of Health and Children which govern all approved mental health centres. Compliance with these regulations is monitored by the Mental Health Commission. The Mental Health Commission carries out regular inspections and copies of the inspection reports are available from the MHC and on its website 

The hospital is a member of the UK's Quality Network for Secure Services. The network aims to facilitate quality improvement and change in forensic mental health settings through a supportive peer-review network. The network adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to quality improvement. Central to the network is the value of services sharing best practice. The network identifies areas for improvement through a culture of openness and enquiry. Members are expected to use the results of reviews to develop action plans to achieve year on year improvement. They are also expected to share their results with key groups locally, including health and local authorities, those making referrals to their services and local users and with carer groups. Annual reports are available, see

The Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhumane and Degrading Treatment also carries out inspections of the hospital. Their reports are available on the website