Visits By Children

The ’Children First’ policy places a responsibility on all of us to ensure that children are protected at all times. We must ensure that visits by children are in the best interest of the child. Applications for child visits must be made to the patient's multidisciplinary team for its assessment and approval.

Child visit application forms are available from the social worker attached to the patient's treating team. Children are persons under 18 years of age.

Once approval is given the visit must be booked by contacting the Heads Office. Child visits normally take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings only between 10am and 11.30. These visits may be up to 45 minutes long. These child visits are normally held in the "Seomra" which is a separate, more child friendly environment for meeting than normal visiting venues.

All child visits must be booked in advance. Visitors with children must attend at their appointed time as late arrival may result in a shortened or a cancelled visit.