Our Meetings - All are Welcome!!1

Our support meetings are held once a month in the hospital on the first Friday of each month from 12.30 to 2.00 pm. All carers of existing patients are welcome.

Hospital staff do not normally attend the meetings. The meetings are timed to allow carers to visitstheir patients immediatly afterwards.

No meeting is held in August.

The social work office of the hospital must be notified, if you wish to attend our meeting. This is for security reasons. Please contact your patient's social worker or the Principal Social Worker at 01-298 9266, if you are planning to attend any of our meetings.

What Happens at the Meetings?

The meeting is a support meeting. It is an opportunity to discuss experiences, worries and any other personal issues with other carers in a supportive and secure environment.

Only those who have had similar experinces, can really understand and empathise. You are welcome to come and listen. You can ask questions or tell others about your experiences.