Our Campaigns

We have campaigned on behalf of the patients with regard to the following issues. We have met with the relevant Ministers of State for Mental Health and given a presentation to an Oireachtas Committee considering the future of the Central Mental Hospital.

New CMH Hospital at Thornton Hall, County Dublin

We have campaigned against the location of the new CMH hospital at Thornton Hall, beside a proposed prision. This campaign was successful.

Amendment of Criminal Justice (Insanity) Act 2006 - Conditional Discharge

We campaigned for changes to be made to the Criminal Justice (Insanity) Act   2006. The act providesd for ‘Conditional Release’ but does not provide the means of enforcing conditions imposed on released patients. As a result there were many patients who  were eligible for conditional discharge but who could not be discharged pending the amendments to the legislation. This also meant that persons who were unwell and should have been admitted to the CMH were delayed admission. Amending legislation has now been passed into law and conditional discharge is now possible for patients detained under the Criminal Justice (Insanity) Act.

Amendment of the Mental Health Act 2001 - Conditional Discharge

This Act is currently being reviewed. The CMH Carers have made a detailed submission. One concern is that some patients are being detained longer than necessary in the CMH because conditional discharge is not possible under the 2001 Act. This is of particular concern in relation to medication.