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You are very welcome to our website. This site contains information on the Carers Group attached to the Central Mental Hospital (CMH) in Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland.

The website is set up by the Central Mental Hospital Carers Group. The website hopes to give information to carers, relatives and supporters of patients of the hospital. We also wish to disseminate information about the hospital to the wider public.

Care and Support for Carers

The CMH Carers Group actively provides care, comforting, sympathy and understanding for each
other, providing a safe place where members can share experiences and information.

Our support meetings are held once a month in the hospital on the first Friday of each month from 12.30 to 2.00 pm. All carers of existing patients are welcome.

For many parents, family and other carers, the incident that placed the patient at the CMH is often
their first contact with the CMH and perhaps with the justice system. It can be a bewildering, overwhelming and anxious time. We in the Carers Group have been through similar experiences and can offer support, information, sharing and simply some TLC.